Why clash royale is a realistic battle game in this decade?



Why clash royale is a realistic battle game in this decade?

At present, many people are showing utmost interest towards online games and it is because of its special characteristics such as realistic playing options, advancements in software and hardware and usage of excellent graphic and animation technology.

It also creates more fun and triggers the interest of the players deeply to often stick with such online games. There are many such games evolving each and every day and the most popular one among such games which intrudes the daily routine of the player is said to be clash royale game. It is well known for its real – time strategy and it is published by Supercell and it is the game containing elements such as card games, multiplayer online battle arena and also tower defense.

Clash royale game and characters involved in it really acts as another provoking factor to make this game reach its hit point. Let us have a wide discussion about this triggering game and its characters in the following

Clash royale – The most passionate game in trend

This fascinating clash royale game and characters build up in it is said to be a multiplayer game where two or four players meet on a fantastic board which carries a set of towers at each of its ends. Spells, building and troops are the three important areas found in this game where each one has its own unique characteristics.

  • Spells – It is like a snowball giant or a lightning bolt.
  • Buildings – It is a kind of zappy turret or a caged goblin.
  • Troops – It is all like sorts.

Apart from this there are nearly about 95 cards found here and the player can take each one into their battle simply in the form of deck of eight. Also the number eight is said to be a magical number here for most of the players and hence it is elaborated briefly as a real time card battles worldwide. Clash royale game is  also been evolving constantly in order to offer the most user – friendly, more fun and more consistent experiences for all the gamers of supercell.

Ranking strategy in the game

Players who play this excellent game attain ranks by the number of trophies which they attain. By gaining experience or also called as king level, points are obtained and apart from that donating and upgrading the cards are the set of tasks found related to the game play. The utmost possible level is said to be 13th level and it is not that easy to capture this highest level. It was in December 2018 there was an update made in this game and it is addition of star points for attaining more experience and this point is most probably offered at the 13th level of the players. Another fascinating aspect is that there are about 13 playing arenas found in this game.

All together clash royale game and characters involved in it makes the players to stick upon it adhesively. It is a game which creates extreme passion and interest for all the players who comes through it.



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