Interesting facts about clash royale game





Interesting facts about clash royale game

Clash royale is an interesting freemium real time strategy game which is published and designed by Supercell. While playing this game you will find many elements like tower protection, collectible card games and multiplayer battle arena. Globally, it was released on 2nd March 2016. It is compatible to Android and iOS platforms so it is the best game to play with your friends and family members because it has fantastic gameplay. On the other hand, clash royale is the tower rush video game and it pits players in the games which is featuring two or four players. The main objective of the clash royale game is to destroy opposing towers.

Everything to know about clash royale game

There are tons of the features associated in the clash royale game which includes

  • Earn chests to collect extremely powerful new cards, upgrade existing ones and unlock rewards.
  • To defect your opponents, try to construct the ultimate battle deck.
  • Progress via multiple arenas
  • Challenge your friends and clanmates to the private duel.
  • Upgrade and build card collection with the clash royale family with tons of your desire clash spells, troops and defenses.
  • Form clan for sharing cards and building own battle community.

From the creator of the clash of clans comes with the real time multiplayer game which is starring the royale and your desire clash character. As we know, there are ten characters are available in clash of clans game which includes barbarians, archers, goblins, wall breakers, giants and wizards. In clash royale game, thirteen playing arenas are available which includes bone pit, goblin stadium, spell valley, royale arena, frozen peak, jungle arena, electro valley and spooky town. Buildings and playable troops could be represented as the cards. In each battle, player must construct deck of the eight cards which is useful to attack and defend against the opponent cards. In the beginning of each game, both players start with the four random chosen cards from deck of the eight. In a modern world, most of the people are showing interest to play video game because it is offering lots of joy and fun. However, clash royale is the amazing game to play it with your friends. You can also participate in the private battle to earn clans. It was initially launched with 42 cards and it has three rarities like epic, rare and common. Starting from the experience level 1, you can join or form clans. Forming or joining clan enables players to engage in the clan wars and friendly battle.

How to play clash royale game?

If you are looking to play unique and interesting video game then playing clash royale is the best choice. In a game, players could be ranked by number of the trophies. You can level up by getting experience points via upgrading and donating cards. Trophies could be lost or won via multiplayer battles. You can win the battle by destroying the towers rather than opponent. Use some unique strategies to win the clash royale game.


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