Are you finding the effective ways to play castle crush game?

castle crush
castle crush

Are you finding the effective ways to play castle crush game?

castle crush

castle crush

If you are seeking for the interesting and excellent game, then castle crush is the best choice because it is the finest epic strategy game. It is one of the perfect games to play with your friends and family members. Actually, castle crush is the new mobile game from Fun games and currently it is available as iOS and android platform. As we know, it is the card or TCG battler game where you might take on players from all over the world, lead your army by building possible deck and destroying opponent castles. You might open the chests for unlocking new spells and warriors. It has fantastic tower defense elements. As a beginner to play castle crush game, try to understand gameplay to play this game. It is having tower defense elements like other TCG with RTS.
Strategies and guide to play Castle crush game

If you are struggling to play castle crush game then you are advisable to use some unique strategies and tips which includes

• Provide your ranged attackers sufficient protection
• Use balanced decks
• Open chests before closing the game
• Use all three lanes

The best ways to enhance your chances of beating is to start with the strong technique which means you are advisable to use more offensive style of play. You can buy three slots of the cards like epic, rare and common rarity levels to enhance your winning chances. This kind of the card could be picked out at the random and it will change on the daily basis. The primary strategies for the deck building are to have sufficient balance of ranged melee troops. Once you win the battle then you can get the chest which contains character cards and coins. If you grab new card then you can easily unlock the character. Ranged attackers are considered as deadliest troops and they are having capability to dealing great damage from the distance. When it comes to the first strategy in the castle crush game is to you might pay close attention to tutorial. It is having three game modes like daily events, tournament and friendly battle. It has huge varieties of the characters and player might add to the deck. The main objective of the game is to destroy enemy castle.
Complete review information about castle crush game

If you get the victory on castle crush game then you can reward as chest which contains spells, coins, gems and troop cards. Gem and gold is two major in game currencies in the game and you might use to buy card packs. Two types of the characters are available in the game like defenders and attackers. Ranged and Melee are two main attackers of the castle crush game. You are recommended to use the defenders for protecting attackers. If you are looking to attack large group of the enemies then you might use spell. It has practice mode so you might play against the AI. If you play practice mode then you might not get any chest or gain trophies.

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